Estate Management


Sovereign have made a commitment to work hard with our customers and partners to create neighbourhoods in which people want to live.

In particular:

  • We put neighbourhoods at the heart of everything we do.
  • We promote neighbourhoods where there is a place for everyone with positive support for diversity. 
  • We work in partnership with local people, councils and other agencies.
  • We are open and explicit about our role in neighbourhoods and about the time and money invested in them.

In order to achieve these aims the prime objectives of the estate management policy are to ensure that the schemes and neighbourhoods on which our customers live:

  • are maintained to a high standard
  • are safe, tolerant and cohesive places in which to live
  • are sustainable both for the individuals and for the community as a whole
  • provide opportunities for our customers to get involved in the development and management of our neighbourhood services.

This information sets out a summary of the services that are covered under our Estate Management policy.


Advice and Assistance

In respect to all tenancy related matters, advice and assistance is available to residents during normal office hours. Home visits can be arranged if needed.

At sign-up interview, Neighbourhood Housing Officers will give information about the services available and residents will be given a Handbook containing all relevant information.

Neighbourhood Housing Officers will provide support and assistance, as far as possible to residents who are considered vulnerable.


Neighbourhood Maintenance

Scheme Inspections

We will develop scheme service statements for estates and will inspect schemes and neighbourhoods on a regular basis. Inspections will not take place regularly for Existing Satisfactory properties which are individual street properties purchased by the Association to fulfil a specific local need. Neither will they necessarily apply to key worker accommodation where the service is defined within specific contractual conditions.

The frequency of inspections will depend upon the size of the scheme and is stated in the Scheme Service Statement for neighbourhood management.

Residents are encouraged to accompany staff on scheme inspections and our responsible resident scheme is an initiative to involve our customers in the evaluation of our grounds maintenance, cleaning contractors and other service contracts.

We will also undertake an annual risk assessment on all schemes with communal internal areas.

Information about our response repairs service can be found in your handbook.


Neighbourhood Management

Anti-social Behaviour

We are committed to dealing effectively with all aspects of anti-social behaviour and breaches of tenancy agreement, whilst having regard to statutory rights, obligations and good practice as they from time to time evolve. Effective dealing witha case involves the parties and/or the Association together with third party organisations working towards resolving the issues, with appropriate enforcement action being taken. Eviction will be sought only as a last resort. Our approach to anti-social behaviour is described in our Group Anti-social behaviour policy.

Good Neighbour Agreements

These are voluntary agreements between the Association and residents. They are used primarily to promote positive behaviour by tackling anti-social behaviour and also get residents to share responsibility and do their bit to make their environment a safe and enjoyable place to live.

Good Neighbour Agreements present a statement of what it means to be a good neighbour.  Their introduction on a scheme will be considered where there have been problems reported and so the detail of each agreement will vary from scheme to scheme.
We will also give advice to residents about pet ownership and rubbish and waste removal.


Neighbourhood Development

We are committed to the creation and maintenance of balanced and cohesive neighbourhoods. Our approach to the development of sustainable communities is contained in our Community Development Strategy.
In order to meet the commitment to neighbourhoods, each year we will produce a Neighbourhood and Communities Action Plan.

This plan will contain the specific actions to be undertaken in the following year, including, but not limited to;

  • Collection of key neighbourhood information including sustainability indicators
  • The improvement in service delivery to neighbourhoods
  • Identification and delivery of neighbourhood projects and estate strategies
  • Working with third party organisations and partners.


Sustainability Indicators

We will carry out an annual exercise which will look at some key indicators to identify any ‘at risk scheme’, and develop estate strategies where needed.  The indicators used include the number of voids, reports of ASB, level of arrears, numbers of evictions and abandoned properties.

Environmental Improvements

As part of its focus on neighbourhoods, we will engage in the identification and development of environmental improvement projects that will help to encourage and create sustainable and cohesive communities.

We will provide an annual budget to fund the establishment and completion of these projects.

Resident Led Scheme Improvement Grants

This fund is for projects that enhance the sustainability of neighbourhoods. In particular proposals that improve safety, security, facilities for children, improve the appearance of the neighbourhood or make improvement to facilities such as parking, lighting and recreation shall be given priority.

Customer Satisfaction

We are committed to monitoring customer satisfaction and will conduct a satisfaction survey of its customers each year. The survey will cover the following areas:

  • Home
  • Neighbourhood
  • Payment Service
  • Repairs Service
  • Grounds maintenance service
  • Cleaning service
  • Antisocial behaviour
  • Complaints
  • Resident Involvement

The results of the survey will be used to identify areas for improvement.

Ongoing Service Performance

In addition, we will monitor estate management performance on an ongoing basis using other performance management tools such as Quality Housing Services.

Value for Money

The Associations seek to adopt good practices and incorporate value for money principles in all its activities and believes that driving efficiencies whilst improving quality is the best way to deliver a better, more cost effective and more responsive service.
Our Value for Money Strategy sets out how we will achieve this in detail.

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